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Changing the world can be exhausting. Especially when you keep putting in the work but feel like you have little or no result. Why is it that no-one around you seem to care? Or why aren't we doing enough as a society to figure this out? If this is you, I see you! It's easy to lose hope, and this important work of yours can often harvest more frustration than rewards.

That is unnecessary. There are so many of us out there changing the world and I believe that if we knew even a fraction of all the good that's going on, we'd feel so much more empowered in our own work! That is why I created this community for us. I want to provide a platform for all of us to come together, learn from one another, and continue to cheer each other on. We are the change-makers of our time and we deserve to feel supported and motivated in that work.

But you don't have to already be a change-maker or climate leader to join the Action Squad. That is why you're here - to make you one! 

I want to empower you to become the influential, optimistic, and empowered activist you were always meant to be. In the Action Squad, you will grow your climate knowledge, train yourself as an activist, and gain support and guidance from other members in the squad. 

I know that you feel a lot better when you're practicing the change you want to see in the world. In fact, I know that it makes you feel amazing! It's in your DNA to disrupt, to question, to speak your truth, and to pave paths for new worlds. It's your calling to change the world.

Let's commit to your calling, once and for all.


In this community we don't just think of changing the world - we show up for ACTION!  I want to supply you with the tools to make sure you will continue doing so successfully. The world needs you, now more than ever, so make it your commitment to become the most empowered climate leader you can be.

In The Action Squad, we host live sessions with industry professionals, documentary and movie screenings, classes on human psychology, live polls, and much more. We come together to share solutions and ask for help and support when we need it, and then we go back out into our local communities and create the change we so desperately seek.

The Action Squad Icon symbolizes change-makers from all walks of life, and from different ethnicities and backgrounds all over the world. We meet in the middle to share, learn, and grow. Then we step out and make change where change is needed. In our communities, hearts, and homes.

In this community - EVERYONE is welcome. I can't wait to change the world with you.

Xx - Anne Therese

This is a paid membership - why?

I understand it can feel confusing to pay for changing the world - isn't your service enough? Well, I know that if something is free, it easily falls behind. No matter how much you want to commit, life comes in between and other things steal time and energy from what you actually want to do. I think it's enough of that, don't you agree? Let's make this the year when we COMMIT to the action and tell ourselves that it's time to become the empowered and optimistic change-makers we always wanted to be. I know I feel this way, which is why I've spent all these hours putting this community together for us. I've committed - now will you commit too?

Also - 50% of your membership fee will be donated to a cause of the month, collectively chosen by the members of the community. So not only are you empowering yourself as an activist and connecting with other change-makers from all over the world, you're giving back where it's urgently needed too!

SUPPORT + EMPOWER - That is our motto here

If you for some reason can't afford a membership right now but would still like to join the squad, kindly email me and we can see what we can figure out. I know not everyone is in the same financial position and I hate to miss your passion and commitment to the world. 


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